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HealthyCT strives to keep our list of providers as accurate as possible. However, providers are added and removed from our network on a daily basis. Please confirm that your provider is part of our network prior to receiving services.
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Thank you for submitting your request to HealthyCT. Please contact the doctor for any follow-ups on if they have joined our Network.

As a HealthyCT member, you have access to one large, statewide network of physicians, healthcare practitioners, hospitals, labs and other facilities participating in all HealthyCT plans.

Find Participating Providers Quickly and Easily

You choose how to search – by name, specialty, distance from your home or other criteria. Along with a provider’s name, address and phone number, you can find other important information, such as the languages they speak and if they accept new patients.

Can’t find your Provider?

You can ask us to invite them into the network. Just fill out and submit the request form in the directory. We’ll ask them to join but we can’t guarantee they will participate or their effective date. We encourage you to ask them to join and to check back with them on their status before you receive services.

About the HealthyCT Network

The providers listed in this directory aren’t agents or employees of HealthyCT. They have contracts with us to provide services. And they agree to discount those services for our members. That’s why using network providers can help you get the most from your benefit plan.

This directory is current as of today but the network can change daily. Please check with your provider before you receive services in case their status has changed. We also can’t guarantee that those listed still accept new patients. Practices don’t always let us know when they close to new patients.


If you are a HealthyCT member, call the Member Services number on the back of your ID card. If you are considering HealthyCT coverage, please call 1-855-HLTHYCT (855-458-4928) to speak to a representative.

If you are a member requiring additional assistance, please call the Member Services number on the back of your ID card.

Do you need to see a doctor outside of Connecticut? Services rendered outside the state of Connecticut will be considered in network when utilizing the PHCS Healthy Directions network only. Click here to view a directory of out-of-state providers.